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The O'Neill evolution - With live webcast!
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Autor: Verena Bossmann   
Nedjelja, 30 Prosinac 2007 20:08
Davos, Switzerland, is set to host the O’Neill Evolution directly after the New Year as it throws the Tour into top gear from January 2nd to 7th 2008 with the third SIX(6)STAR competition on the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour.
Innsbruck, December 28th, 2007 - ... With two times 1000 Swatch TTR ranking points to gain in the Halfpipe and Quarterpipe formats, plus a $100,000 USD prize purse, the O’Neill Evolution will definitively have a significant bearing on the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour Championship Title and $250,000 USD end of season prize purse.

Top riders have confirmed their place for the O’Neill Evolution, including pro snowboarders such as current TTR World No. 5, Chas Guldemond(USA), World No. 8 Andy Finch(USA), defending 07 Quarterpipe Champion, Nicolas Mueller(SUI), 06/07 World No. 2, Antti Autti(FIN), 05/06 TTR Tour Champion, Mathieu Crepel(FRA) and 05/06 World No.2 Risto Mattila(FIN).

The Swatch TTR SIX(6) STAR, O’Neill Evolution, provides an Open Qualification section for any athletes who wish to compete in the event. All participating riders will receive TTR SIX(6) STAR Ranking Points, and top 16 riders qualify for the Semi-Finals.

As the third of six TTR SIX(6)STAR events, the O’Neill Evolution will mark the start of the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour into 2008. With 1000 TTR points in the Quarterpipe as well as the Superpipe format, riders will be no doubt give their best to keep up in the race for the Tour Champion Title. The O’Neill Evolution will be available live on and The Swatch TTR will also deliver behind-the-scenes videos with rider shout outs and interviews before and after the competition.

Antti Autti (FIN) – 0607 TTR World #2 / last year's Evolution HP champion

Antti has been out with a shoulder injury, causing him to miss the first two Swatch TTR SIX(6)STAR events of the World Tour. Antti won the Superpipe and finished 2nd in Quarterpipe at last year’s competition in Davos. Another win for Antti at the O’Neill Evolution HP will move him into the Top 70 right away while two podium results in HP and QP could put him in reach of the TOP 20.

Iouri Podladtchikov (SUI) – last year's #2 in the Evolution Superpipe

Iouri currently sits at 58 in the Swatch TTR rankings and a finish on the podium at the O’Neill Evolution HP would move the Swiss Pipe specialist into the Top 20. This is his first SIX(6)STAR event and third result this season - Iouri came in 6th in the halfpipe at the FIVE(5)STAR Burton New Zealand Open back in August (came 2nd last year in the pipe at Evolution).

Risto Mattila (FIN) – current Swatch TTR World #20
Risto currently sits at No. 20 on the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour. The O’Neill Evolution will be both his third result and his third SIX(6)STAR event this season. If Risto wins in Davos he will move into the Top 10 putting him further ahead in the ranking race between him and his fellow Finnish Flow team mate Autti.

Nicolas Mueller (SUI) – last year's QP champion
Nicolas currently sits at 96 on the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour. The O’Neill Evolution will be both this second result and his second SIX(6)STAR event of the 07/08 season. Nicolas won the quarterpipe at the Evolution last year. When finishing in the HP TOP 16 in Davos he will jump into the Top 40 of the Tour.

Points Allocation SIX(6) STAR  
1st 1000, 2nd 942.30, 3rd 900, 4th 868.06, 5th 842.41, 6th 820, 7th 798.79, 8th 780, 9th 763.35, 10th746.89, 11th 730.60, 12th 714.50, 13th 698.58, 14th 682.84, 15th 667.28, 16th 651.9

2007/2008 - Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour Ranking as of:  28/12/2008

Founded by Terje Haakonsen and industry innovators in 2002, the SWATCH Ticket To Ride (TTR) World Snowboard Tour is a non-profit, rider-driven organization representing the progression of snowboarding. The SWATCH TTR World Snowboard Tour is based on global grass root and key independent freestyle snowboarding events over a ten-month period from Southern to Northern Hemisphere locations. Events are rated via a 1-through-6STAR system, with points allocated accordingly, a SIX(6) STAR event holds the highest. Any rider participating in these events, from up-and-coming to professional talent, earns ranking points and a position on the SWATCH TTR World Ranking List. The top male and female rider based on an average of their best six results of the season is crowned SWATCH TTR World Snowboard Tour Champion.

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